"The police represent the law."

"Respect for the police, is respect for the state."

"Public peace is the pride of the police."

"The police represent the power of the state."

"The first door to justice is the police station."

"Don't throw stones at the police, thank them."

"The most basic element of community security is the police."

"The police are the steadfast guardian of the democratic order."

"Be a cop, be with a cop, but never be a cop."

"Police means peace and prosperity of the society."

"Turkish police are important people who follow Ata's footsteps."

"To love the police, means prosperity and a peaceful future."

"The presence of the police creates a safe and peaceful society."

"Thanks to the cops if I can walk comfortably at night."

"The Turkish Police gets its power from the law and its people."

"A person as disciplined as the police is the most valuable gold asset of society."

"If you want to sleep peacefully, its secret is trust in the police."

"The Turkish police are the individuals who will protect the Principles and Revolutions of our Father."

"The police are the most valuable security forces that can protect our lives and honor."

"If I sleep comfortably today, I will feel much better"

"The police are law enforcement. They must always respect and obey him."

"The Turkish police are the unbreakable defenders of Atatürk's principles and reforms."

"Help the police, never do evil, never forget a policeman who protects you and your family."

"The hand and arm of the law are the security forces. It adds social values."

"As the police are the most important values ​​of the society, they offer good futures to the people."

"The police are our sisters, brothers or sisters. They serve in the society for peace and security."

"The police should be as disciplined as a soldier, as a lawyer as a lawyer, and as compassionate as a mother." - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

"Everyone's police has their own conscience, but the police are against those who have no conscience." - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk