"My soldier, I will pay my debt to the country, everything is for the country!"

"I have one life, sacrifice for my country!"

"I became a soldier, I am full of honor; I sacrifice my life for my country!"

"Military service is an honor, we will pass this honorable road!"

"I am a soldier of this country; my mother, father, brother, lover… is my homeland!"

"Homeland! You are the indispensable lover, you are the one who lies in my heart!"

"Military service is an honor, no concessions!"

"Military service is a duty with martyrdom!"

"Military service is the most sacred duty for every Turk!"

"Every Turk is a soldier!"

"I became a soldier for the country, I die for the state!"

"I became a soldier, I was honored!"

"Military service is the dream and sacred duty of every Turk!"

"Being a soldier is a privilege for every Turk!"

"I became a soldier, I will be a martyr if necessary!"

"It is my pride to be a soldier!"

"Military service is the greatest honor!"

"The highest honor is military service!"

"Life is given for the country, not an inch of land is given!"

"People rest in peace, we are on duty."

"I will keep watch for the country, if necessary, witness!"

"Homeland duty is military service!"

"Every Turkish man is a soldier."

"Being a soldier is the greatest honor to be carried."

"Military service is an identity for us Turks."

"Military service is a lofty duty. It is necessary to pass this lofty duty with full marks. It is our duty of honor to wait for this homeland, which is inherited from our ancestors."

"I became a soldier, I am full of honor; if necessary, life is a sacrifice for you, homeland!"

"My dear homeland, all watered with blood; you relax, I'm here!"

"Military service is an honorable duty, a sacred duty for us. Military service is entrusted to us from our ancestors."

"I became a soldier on your way, I am here so it is known; the treacherous enemy fear me, there is no way for me but martyrdom!"

"We are here for the homeland, for the honor, for the flag; may the Turkish state exist!"

"Who can bend the wrist of a Turk? Our entire existence is a sacrifice for the homeland!"

"Military service is a great duty, a sacred place of duty; every Turkish man should taste this sanctity."

"My soldier, my soldier! Weapons to the oppressor, my fellow soldiers to the oppressed!"

"The existence of every Turkish soldier is a sacrifice for the country, he has no other thought than that!"

"There is no life that would not be given for the homeland, flag, and land! We brave fighters of the homeland, if necessary, we will disappear into the soil with all our selves!"

"The homeland is not divided, the flag does not descend, the call to prayer is not heard! No one can touch our holy places where there are Turkish soldiers!"

"Every Turkish soldier is born, lives and dies; a Turk is a soldier for life; entrusted to the homeland!"

"Today, the homeland expects a duty from us, it must leave without delay; it must perform the task with a clear conscience!"

"You are the best soldier, as long as there are soldiers like you, we will sleep soundly."

"Military service is a duty, not a necessity; I wish you success in your duty."

"You became a soldier on the way to the homeland, the country is waiting for you, good luck!"

"You beautiful soldier, go and come safely!"

"I wish you success in your military service, I wish you to go and return safely."

"My soldier, my dear soldier; you go to the mission, I'll wait!"

"I wish you success in your military service, good resolutions in advance..."

"Military service is a duty that cannot be kept waiting, I wish you a safe return."

"I believe that he will successfully complete his military service and I wish him success."

"Military service is the most sacred duty for every Turkish man, I wish you success."

"Don't let a stone touch your feet in this holy mission, don't let tears fall from your eyes; go safely, come!"

"I wish you success in your military service and wish you a safe return."

"My soldier, my dear soldier; your turn has come for this glorious task. I hope you will overcome this task with the white of your forehead; with good health..."